Europe Crisis?!

by Vision Included
Research Team: Renske van Dam, Albert Dijk, Martijn de Geus, Sean Pieters
Editing: Renske van Dam, Albert Dijk, Martijn de Geus
Concept & Graphics: Martijn de Geus



  • “a sudden change in the course of a disease or fever, toward either improvement or deterioration”
  • “incipient moment; crucial point (when something begins or changes)”

In 2009 the world is changing radically. After the instigation of global power shifts , the green hype considering the climate change, the current state of world wide economic recession and the changes in social-cultural values, we need a moment to evaluate. For the first time we are forced to act, think and plan as one truly global collective, considering our current state of facts to determine how our system will develop further.


According to Eastern philosophy change is necessary and inevitable to ensure a future continuum. But, what is changing and how do we take advantage of this?

During the summer of 2009 a research team traveled throughout Western Europe to identify, map and publish the current conditions based upon the four themes described above; financial systems, social-cultural values, global power division and environmental conditions. To identify the current state of Europe and to increase the frames of reference to better diagnose our current situation.

Zolverein – Essen, Germanyeurope_03

Hispeed Trainstation – Lille, Belgiumeurope_04

Banlieus – Paris, Franceeurope_05