British Architecture Hub – Museum

Team: Roger van Bergen and Albert Dijk
competition ArchTriumph honarable mention

BAH_BuroAD_museumBAH_BuroAD_Museum Diagram_01ORGANISATION

Most important aspect of architecture, both in present and past, has been the discourse of the profession. While the building displays the past, our museum is focused on facilitating this discourse. The program has been extended with activating spaces and  the MoA is connected with other important sites and buildings in London and the UK. Spaces for new media even propel the building into a global scale.

BAH_BuroAD_Museum Diagram_02


The proposed program of the museum was all passive program thereby initiating a singular relation with the visitor. Also, by looking at the building as an object, it lacks a proper embedding in the context and lacks connection with other functions already in place in London. The new program changes the relation with the visitor by transforming the visitor into a user. Not solely looking at architecture’s past, but making use of this information; all program is easily accessible by means of a digitalisation street: a machine which makes all information available in any sort of media, workspaces so you can get to work immediately, lecture spaces of intimate size so you feel free to ask questions and participate in debate, and a connection with other programs of architecture in London such as the RIBA, Architectural Drawing Collection at V&A Museum, and AA.

Central point of meeting is the main exhibition hall which functions as the entree of the building. Here all layers and users come together. The users of the architecture museum, passersby going up to enjoy the view, and local residents making use of the workspaces; an extension of the public space into the building.

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