Omega Point

Design: VisionIncluded
Team: Renske van Dam, Albert Dijk, Martijn de Geus and Sean Pieters
Consultants: Gerrit Dijk, Hans Smolenaers, Hanna Timmers
competition open fort 400 – last 15 / exhibition zuiderkerk 12/2009-02/2012

‘The assignment is to generate ideas for an Open Fort that facilitates innovation in the cultural, social and economic domains. It should be an Open Fort that will stimulate the continued social, cultural and economic development of Amsterdam North.’

Our ideas for the characteristics of ‘the Fort’ are two-fold:

First, we agree that, the catalyst potential accumulated in this Fort is mandatory for initiating successful development. But, this can only function when carefully placed in, and connected to the site specific routing and surrounding urban tissue: fort as urban catalyst.


Secondly, the concept of a fort as ‘fortified strategic position’ was crucial in Dutch history, as a way to colonize and appropriate foreign resources, known as colonialism. We state that, although we have condemned this practice of global injustice, we still have an active role in exploiting foreign eco-systems for one-sided egocentric benefits; fort as eco-consumer. How do we deal with sustainability?



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