TV Chaam

Team: Albert Dijk
realised November 2012

Extension of a tenniscanteen in Chaam, close to Breda. The current cantine did not meet the needs anymore due to an increase of members. This growing number of members made it possible to extend the current canteen. Main wish of the client was to be more connected with the adjacent tenniscourts. The building is broken open, the roof extended and rotated upwards in order to make a more direct relation with the courts.

The accessible covering of the terrace makes it possible for the members to shelter from a sudden rainshower when the canteen is closed, or have a protected place from the sun or wind when finished with practice. On the right a small indoorspace facilitates a toilet and tap accessible to all members. It meets the wishes of the client at the moment and by already placing a concrete floor and foundation, the building can tranform in the near future to a permanent indoor climate.

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